21 Day Fix Summer Veggie Soup- Boost your veggies!!

This 21 day fix summer veggie soup couldn’t be easier.  I also have a ton of garden veggies and this is a great way to boost my intake and use them up!  For the recipe [click here]



Seared Tuna: Approved 21 Day Fix “Go To Meal”

I think I have found my new “go to meal!” It is beyond fast, easy, and healthy!  It’s also light for those hot summer days.   I’m trying to shift my focus towards clean, healthier options and utilizing organic and locally sourced items when possible.

This does follow the 21 Day Fix meal plan, but more importantly [continue reading]

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Smoothie Bowl Recipe: Refreshing Raspberry Orange and Pineapple

I have to confess I absolutely love smoothie bowls! 😍  At first I was thinking, why not mix it in a cup and just take it to go?  Isn’t that one of top reasons they are so convenient? But using frozen fruit, cutting back on the liquids, and having a fun palate to decorate is so much fun.  Plus, with these hot days ahead they are cool, refreshing, and easy to split for sharing.

Here is what I used for this one.  [continue reading]

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