One Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch


This One Pot Chicken Bacon Ranch is an easy and delicious dish. It’s ready in less than 30 minutes and uses bacon and creamy ranch dressing for the seasoning.  It’s always popular and I’ve made a cubed version for potlucks.  I get asked for the recipe so here it is!!! [Click on this for the directions and printable recipe card]



Smoothie Bowl Recipe: Refreshing Raspberry Orange and Pineapple

I have to confess I absolutely love smoothie bowls! 😍  At first I was thinking, why not mix it in a cup and just take it to go?  Isn’t that one of top reasons they are so convenient? But using frozen fruit, cutting back on the liquids, and having a fun palate to decorate is so much fun.  Plus, with these hot days ahead they are cool, refreshing, and easy to split for sharing.

Here is what I used for this one.  [continue reading]

21 day fix. cleanign eating. raspberry smoothie bowl recipe.  Looks amazing

ChocoNana-Almond Smoothie Bowl | Recipe

This smoothie bowl is delicious!  It’s like having a dessert for breakfast or snack!  Or I guess you could just make it as a dessert 🙂  It has all the elements of a smoothie.  But when you use frozen ingredients and add a little less liquid you get a creamy concoction you can indulge in.   This chocolate, banana, and almond is a winning combination but of course the variations are endless! For the recipe [continue reading]

when your smoothie tastes like a decadent dessert

Carrot Fries – Warm Snacks for Cold Days

The cold weather is here and sometimes a cold snack or side dish doesn’t seem comforting.  This is one of the warm snacks I enjoy when I’m craving something not sweet.  Roasting the veggies really brings out the flavor and its a great alternative to chips and fries!  So, I guess this works for a year round recipe when summer BBQ’s are in full season 😀
carrot fries ready for the oven.
You can make tons of great veggie fry combinations.  Using different spice blends, vinegar, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese can give them a whole new flavor!

Healthy Snacking with Yummy Carrot Fries


For the recipe click here 😋